Founded in 1973, Tsin Mei Textile Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of fine textile products to business and industry. 
Our 2 factories are located in CHANG HUA County, TAIWAN. Equipped with Warping, Sizing machines, Toyota/Tsudakoma air- jet looms and Pignone/Somet/Picanol rapier Dobby looms, our monthly capacity is 1.2 million yards. We produce a variety of synthetics, rayon, cotton spun fabrics and various blended intersect-face, over-twisted and lattice fabrics. Our fabrics are excellent for men's and ladies' fashion wear as well as home furnishing.

For over 30 years, we strive to keep quality as the most important aspect of our product.  Our model is "quality is our life", we impose rigorous quality inspection system to ensure all elements of our products are guaranteed. 

In line with our model, we believe quality is a synonym to value. We understand our customer's needs and have integrated research team at our facilities to develop new material and improve production efficiency. Exceptional products and value, that's what to expect from Tsin Mei.